Offset printing is fast, efficient, and provides excellent color fidelity and ink durability.  CJK uses environmentally friendly ink and paper, and has an extensive recycling program to keep our environment healthy.


In order to offer reliable, consistent quality and efficient turn times, we have a CJK Paper Program that has been pre-tested and color managed.  If a customer prefers to supply paper, we will share which brands we have extensive experience with.


We provide consultation with our customers from the sales call to the press OKs, and this personal touch has been praised by many customers, making CJK a unique partner.


By setting expectations early, our presses and crews are always ready for the customer to watch as we  their product.

We recognize that paper now has optical brighteners that have to be taken in to consideration when meeting your color expectations. As such, our CJK Color Management System includes paper as your fifth color. In coordination with a national consultant, we have “finger printed” our presses to balance the five colors to achieve gray balance. This technique eliminates unwanted color shifts in neutrals and lighter tones.


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