We know that a lot of the hard work has to happen to art before anything gets near a press.


Our goal is to support you by any means necessary in the creating,  submitting and approving files so that you are confident the art will reproduce with the quality you expect.



Have better control of your file pre-production at CJK. Our expertise generating thousands of pages each week is enhanced by Kodak’s Prinergy prepress system and the InSite web portal.


  • Pure PDF workflow eliminates all concerns over operating systems, programs or program versions used to create the art files.
  • Kodak integrates GRACoL/SWOP color management and Maxtone screening to enhance the quality of your files.
  • Kodak InSite automatically applies preflight parameters to each job on upload, allowing near instant preflight results on each page.
  • Just as quickly as the files are preflighted, fully-trapped files are also ready for review from anywhere on the web.
  • Files can be continuously edited with no additional charges until you are satisfied to go forward with production, whether that be offset or digital.
  • Imposed proofs (digital Dyluxes) and color accurate proofs (Epsons) are still available upon request.

InSite has changed the pace and responsiveness of prepress and the processes of job submission, collaboration, proofing, and job-status tracking. It reduces turnaround times, lowers proofing costs, enhances communication and offers a clear window into the production process. With these tools, talents and technologies at your disposal, your printed products will be produced on time, to your exact specifications and with the finest quality.


Need help with InSite? We have online help documents, in-plant or web-based training, as well as help direct from our prepress department as you work with files.


Feel free to Contact us for help with specific questions or to schedule training.


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